Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sneak Preview!

Happy Tuesday!
I know I have been gone of late and I just want to reassure you all that it has been for good reason!

Last Thursday, I spontaneously decided to pack up and head on south to the old farmstead where I was raised. The kids were wanting to see Grandma, and I was lucky enough to have a extra days off from the day-home.

The break was much needed! 

Going back home to the country is like a breath of fresh air for me. {though the air isn't always so fresh near the cow's feeding manger... haha} Unfortunately I took very few pictures. I really just enjoyed my time with my family. Everyone was home, all 5 siblings of mine with spouse/kids in tow. It's trips like that, that make me think of moving out of the city....

One of the days I was home, my mom, my sister and I {plus 2 kids}, went on a little shopping trip {it was really little for me anyways! ;P}. We stopped by a few of our favorite shops, but the best part of it all was when we went down memory lane to the house my mom had graduated high school from. 

The House
My mom said that her whole family was excited to move there as it was the first house they had lived in that had a dishwasher! I am sucker for old stories so I soaked up every word as she related who lived next to her, where she had a car crash {and which cute boys saved her} and how my grandparents purchased the house for only $39,000!!!!

While home, I was also able to get my creative juices going... and here is where the sneak preview comes in! I am designing a family wall collage for a friend of mine. Aside from just pictures, she wants vinyl lettering on her wall, which is where I come in.I have been cutting and designing with vinyl for almost 4 years now! Wow that seems crazy.

Anyways, I am really excited about this project. It is quite an undertaking as the wall is a good 15ft long I think. Here are a few pictures of the process so far...

This is my favorite area so far; I made the square words to match the size of the frames. The tricky part was coming up with 4 letter words relating to family!
 Here is a wider view of a section of the wall. The paper is where words are yet to be placed.

Lucky for me, my friend had another section of the wall in this format! :) This project has definitely given me inspiration to get my own walls painted!

Don't worry! I will post more of 'the wall' as I work on finishing it!


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