Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is this What You Imagined? Part 2

Happy Spring Day!

It is time to cheer you up from your midweek slump! I want to continue on from my last post (part 1 here) about Living the Life you have Imagined. I originally planned to post this on Monday, but it has been a real challenge for me to write. Last post, I talked about Living the Life you have imagined and ended with asking this question:

What is the life you have always dreamed of having?

For me this was more difficult to answer than I thought. Hence why it has taken me the last week and a half to write! I have always just taken life as it came at me, without a plan, going where ever the wind blows. 
With some intense thought, I found three steps to getting my perfect life:
1. Write a list of everything I want in life (the hardest part for me) 
2. Using that list to imagine the most perfect day of all.
3. After writing out the above 2, then follow this advice:
Live the Life you Imagined and Live it Right Now.

The sooner you start living and acting like you already have your dream life, the sooner it actually comes true. For next 2 weeks of my life I am going to be writing out what I do want.  I say 2 weeks because that seems kind of reasonable for me. Though I hope to get it done sooner. Like Today.


What are you waiting for? Live the Life you've Imagined NOW!

Here is your Freebie too! :)
I had a really hard time making this one for some reason so I ended up making 2 different ideas and I hope you really like them There are 2 font color choices, one with brown lettering and one with black. The last one is a Facebook page cover. 
Please remember that it is for personal use only! Please direct others here if they like it too and let me know if you like it too! :)

Facebook Covers:

Let me know what you choose! I could end up making more that similar if there is a demand for it! :)

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