Monday, April 9, 2012

My Newest Addiction

Hey There! 
I hope everyone had a GREAT Easter! 

I am getting ready to do a weekend wrap up and share all the fun things we did over the weekend and in doing so, I have been looking through my pictures. Then I realized something:

 ALL of them were taken with Instagram. 

I do own a camera, not a DSLR camera, but still a nice little canon. It used to by my constant companion and has all the scrapes and dents to prove it too.

However, with finally joining the modern world only a few short weeks ago by getting an iPhone; it's safe to say that my little canon has been left at home a lot more in favor for the quick convenience of Instagraming {my new verb}. When I find a new fad that I love, I really really obsess. I mean I know my kids will get fed... but I first gotta {blank}. An example of a past obsession might be Jillian Michaels;

as soon as I found her super sweet workout videos, I was stuck to those babies like a fat kid on cake!

I used them every single day for at least 2 months and looked great to prove it! {Now I can't say the same today as the new fad I have now is Instagram, which while equally addicting as Jillian Michaels is, doesn't quite provide the same benefits...}

This is my favorite right now, though I am dieing to try the new kickboxing one!!

I guess the point is that I realized that I get quickly addicted to something, like when I first found Pinterest. Am I alone in this kind of addicting behavior, or are there more of you out there like me?

Thanks for reading and commenting! It means the World to me!



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