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Real Love Stories Never have Endings

Happy Almost Easter Weekend Everyone!

This post is originally inspired by Ashley over at Little Miss Momma. If you have never checked her blog out, you totally should. She is super creative but even more I love her candid honesty in all her posts. It is something that I am striving to do here on my blog as well.

Anyways, on her fab blog she has a cute little post called Our Love Story, and I find it absolutely charming. I remembered that while I was in college I had been asked to write an anecdote about something that had happened in my life. Coincidentally I chose to write about my first date with my then boyfriend - now husband. I thought I would share it all with you, plus I want to make sure that it doesn't get stuffed away and forgotten about. It was a long time ago!

Enjoy and Let me know what you think!

PS-- NO making fun of my Photos! They were taken with a good old point and shoot camera... likely even a one time use Kodak! 

The First Date.

A first date is a funny thing. Of course it depends on the kind of first date you are having; the blind date, the ‘third’ first date, or the first ‘real’ date you have after ‘seeing someone’ for a few weeks. Either way you look at the ‘first date’ situation, you can never really tell what will happen. All you can do is look your best, keep your teeth clean, your breath fresh and pray that you say all the right things at the right time. My ‘first date’ with him was no different.

My stomach was twisting in knots as I anticipated the coming afternoon and evening of my first real date with Brian, the hot new guy I had been seeing. We had been ‘hanging out’ for about two weeks and were now ready to leave the comfort of our friends behind and take the step of a real first date. I was stoked; complete with butterflies, incoherent speech and wide eyes.
Double Daters from Left to Right; Doug, Jessica, Jacinda and Brian
We were making a double date of our first date with my roommate and Brian’s friend, Doug. Waterton National Parks was our destination for the afternoon and evening, (depending on how the day unfolded). I sat with my roommate, Jessica, waiting for our strapping young men to arrive, wondering if I smelled good enough and if I remembered to brush my teeth. Like any girl interested in a guy, I was hoping the date would end well, with a kiss even. After about a half hour, which felt like 10 hours, ‘the men’ pulled up. I managed to calm my stomach enough to say a shaky hello, quickly followed by my best smile. Brian smiled that breathtaking smile of his back and I fell back again into butterflies and incoherent speech.

Roughly 3 hours later, I was comfortably hiking in the beautiful Waterton Lakes National Park and deep in discussion with Brian about roommates and college/university. I hung onto his every word like a lioness watching her prey. The subject didn’t matter as much to me and to be honest, I barely remember any of it now!
On "The Date"

The day and evening were passing like a dream; I was floating on cloud nine the whole time. However, as night grew closer and as our final hike up Bear’s Hump Mountain was coming to an end, my stomach retreated back to butterflies and knots. What was I going to do at the top of the mountain? I knew that was my best chance for a kiss. I wondered; should I make the first move? Or would he? How would I know? I could feel my breath quicken at the thought of our kiss. I realized that I had been expecting it now. My palms became sweatier with each step, and then finally we were there, the top of the mountain. I held my breath as I took in the view of the clear starry night sky, amazed at how beautiful this place really was. From the top of the mountain I could see Waterton’s entire glittering town site below. It seemed small in comparison to the large shadows of the mountains surrounding it. I held my breath in anticipation again as I followed Brian closer to the edge of the mountain where he laid out our blanket and sat down.  This was it, my chance, if any, was now. I had to act.
Taking a deep breath I sat down slowly as close to him as I could and waited. Nothing happened, and a few awkward minutes passed and still nothing. Then almost simultaneously we turned to each other and began the awkward journey of moving our faces and lips closer and closer. I licked my lips about 50 times I think, before mine finally met with his. We parted and looked at each other for a few brief seconds before taking a deep breath and going back in for more. I was hooked; our kiss was a world between the world of the lights of the heavens above and the world of the lights of reality below. I was caught in the middle and that was right where I wanted to be. 

The rest as they say, is history.
Our most Current Photo


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