Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby Shower! {but No Wreath}

Still No Wreath!

I am frustrated by this! I started it during naptime yesterday and thought to myself; This is the perfect project! It will only take a few hours, I can whip it up in no time!

Boy was I wrong!! 

I just about have it finished now, but wrapping that dang wreath was a real pain! Mostly because the yarn kept gettting knotted. Plus the yarn I decided to use was small, something I didn't realize in the beginning. The bright side is that it is creating a different kind of chaotic look as I am way too impatient to let the yarn wrap neatly. It is my life's mission to get that thing done today! Ok maybe it's just more of a goal, but still, I want it done!

In other news, my dear friend Sarah had a sweet little baby boy not too long ago. 
He almost made me baby hungry again! YIKES!   
That would not be good, but I don't know if it would be bad either....

Anywho, I am having a baby shower for her this Thursday at my house and I am pretty excited since I get to try my hand at making party printables. I already made the invitation {see below} and I would love to make something too match. The only problem is however, that other than cupcake toppers, I am not sure what!?

Since this is really the first baby shower I have given I am asking you all for some help. What was the best baby shower you went to? What did they do? How was it decorated?

In my usual late fashion, I am leaving this to the last second, so any help you can all offer would be awesome!

Thanks for reading and your input! Please don't forget to comment! :) I Love each and every one that is left! ;)


  1. One thing they did at my Daughter's baby shower for my granddaughter was buy a 1/2 dozen or so baby bottles and fill them with juice, kool- aid, etc. and get volunteers. Then whomever drinks it the quickest wins a prize. Sounds easy? Ever try sucking a baby bottle? Make sure the holes are really really small in the nipples. Hehehe

    1. Great Idea!!! Thanks Carol! I have never heard of that! :)

  2. When I had Mallie the ladies in church put on a baby shower for me. They had guess that celebrity baby, where they had photos of babies & you had to guess the baby and/or the parents. Also a race, you had to hang laundry while holding a doll and talking on the phone, same items of clothing for each contestant, they had to hang the clothes with clothes pins to.