Friday, March 23, 2012

An Unfortunate Event

Yesterday I had promised a sweet tutorial on a yarn wreath. Unfortunatly that has to be postponed for a little while.

On Monday, my Step Grandpa passed away, and as a tribute to him and my Grandma, I made her a Subway Art instead (as seen below). What the Subway Art consist of is all the names of all the grandkids they had together, a total of 25 grandkids (plus their spouses) and 3 great grandkids. My Grandmas name is Madeline and my step Grandpas name is Mark. When they met and were dating, they got the nickname M&M, because of their two first name initials. It stuck! At their wedding, the favors were M&M's and from then on whenever anyone referred to them, it was through that nickname. 

I didn't know my step Grandpa very well, but after the passing of my 'real' Grandpa, Mark came in like a champ and breathed a breath of fresh air into my Grandma's life. She was like a spring chick all over again and even broke her leg when quading with him once! He will be missed and I am sad that I never was able to show him this as I know he would have loved it!

Now, as you can see I have 3 different backgrounds. I am going to get this printed for my Grandma, but I don`t know which one I should do. What one is your favorite?

Thanks for Reading!

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