Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kids Easter Egg Decorating {Tutorial Roundup}

Many of you know that I have a dayhome, or as in the United States; a home daycare. I am constantly on the lookout for fun and creative ideas for the kids to do.

Easter is such a fun holiday so rather than bookmark a million fun preschool ideas, I thought it would be better to just do a round up and keep them all in one place. Today I will start with Easter eggs. I was going to do a lot more than just that, but when I started looking for ideas, there were so many cool ones that I just couldn't leave out.

Here are a few of my favorites from many, many, many unique ideas. Some are more preschool friendly than others, which just means you might need to help your kiddos out more.

These little guys are so dang cute! They are probably harder for preschool kids; if you have everything cut to size and ready to go, then it would make the process much faster.

 Lots of Great Easter Egg Ideas Here! 
I love the idea of using different media to decorate eggs. These seem a bit trickier for preschool kids too, however, substitute the fancy ribbon for foam stickers and it's an all around crowd pleaser! 

One of My New Favorite Blogs has a whole bunch of Amazing decorating ideas like this one!
Check it out right now! By the way, it looks tricky, but kids can easily help paint the eggs!

Another source of more than one way to decorate eggs. This is a super fun way for kids to decorate them though while also discussing feelings, and fine-tuning their fine motor skills!

 Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on this classic idea. Have the kids draw whatever they want onto their eggs with crayons before dyeing them. I remember doing this when I was a kid!

More with Crayons! This is a project that might be a bit tricky for really little kids, but older ones will definitely enjoy the challenge of making them! :)

I hope you enjoyed all the different egg decorating ideas! Just choosing one to do could take hours! {Of course, unless you are like me and want to do them all, just on different days...}

Have any ideas? Please leave your link in the comments or on my FB page! I would Love to hear them!!

 Have an EGG-cellent Easter!

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