Wednesday, April 18, 2012

From Instagram to your Computer {How To} plus Thrifty Finds

Happy Hump Day! The week is half way over! :)

Since I have become quite an Instagram fanatic, my camera has been put to rest. I discovered a recent problem however when I wanted to use my Instagram photos on my blog, for digital scrapbooking and printing.

Try as I may, getting my photos out of my Instagram profile was tricky. After looking online for a while, I found a site called Instaport. It is fool proof to use. All you need to do is use your login info from Instagram, then follow a few simple directions to download your photos to your computer.

There is one problem thus far though, and that is every time you export your photos, you export ALL of them. It's a minor detail really, but can be kind of annoying.I have to admit it's not that big of a deal to keep me from using Instagram...

I recently hit up our local thrift store, Value Village and found some great home decor items to go along with my retro inspired 'front parlor'. Of course I used Instagram to capture the vintage feeling of everything.

I really love old books; the feel, look and smell. Weird I know, get over it! Ha! I struck gold with this book published in 1951 appropriately titled "The Girl's Daily Life" for only $5. Inside are some great and hilarious insights into the expectations for girls in the 1950s. As I read more into it, I will be sure to share!

This great little clock was just sitting on an edge shelf waiting for me to come by.  It's bright orange, which adds the right punch of color to the room. All for $7. I found a similar one Here, on Etsy for $20!
At first glance, I thought that this mirror belonged atop a vanity. After I pulled it out, I realized I was wrong. I love the curvy lines of the frame. At $30, I almost put it back, then figured I would likely never see one like it again and brought it home. I plan on painting it a lighter teal color.

What's your favorite thrift store find?


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