Friday, April 13, 2012

On Inspiration and Happiness

Today I want to get into life a little deeper than a fun tutorial; I know this can seem boring but in my opinion, life can be pretty boring if you let it.

I feel kind of funky today; you know where you are not quite grumpy or sad, just offish?
 Yea. That's me. Today. I contemplated not blogging today because of my mood, until my mom suggested that I blog about being positive {while having no idea just funky I am}. As I scoffed to myself, I realized she was right and that if I wanted to get out of a funk, I need to actually do something about it, which is not easy for me to do or admit.

So I thought back to a really great article I read from a blog called The Tiny Wig.
The blog post is about creating your own inspiration. Often times it seems that we get caught up chasing everything else in life {runny noses, spilled milk and soccer games} that trying to find inspiration feels a bit ridiculous! I know, I feel like that too sometimes. Today in fact!

The truth is that inspiration is all around us, if we just pay attention. I don't just mean inspiration to come up with the hottest new design, or trend, that you can call passion as well; but the kind of inspiration that keeps us going from moment to moment, day to day. 

 So what keeps me going?

As I thought about this question, I came to understand that the answer is so much easier than I thought. The things that keep me going are the things that I love and get excited about. Such as: my daughter's pigtails, hearing my son play pretend, mountains, the smell of pencil crayons, fabric stores, shopping with my mom and sisters and conversations just before sleeping. 

All of these things make me smile, quicken my heart rate and feel so incredibly happy at the same time that I wish the moment would never end. The only wee problems are that not everyday can be rainbows and cupcakes {I wish it could!} and I can't spend my days smelling pencil crayons without someone getting worried. 

Is there a solution?
Fortunately yes! The trick is to spend some of your time CREATING Inspiration.
After finding the things that I love and keep me going, I can create those moments. I don't have to wait for someone to give them to me. 

And That is Pure Awesome. 


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