Thursday, April 12, 2012

Summer Dresses { The Start of a Tutorial Roundup}

Good Afternoon!
The weather managed to get a little warmer here today and as a result I spent too much time looking for a good summer dress pattern. First I looked through all my own patterns, and after feeling slightly confused about my previous taste in dresses, I decided to hit up old google and check out some of my favorite blogs.

The results were stupendous!
I am always so impressed by the amount of creativity out there and forever thankful that I have the internet to access that creativity!

I found a so many easy to follow/do tutorials for dresses and I thought I would share the wealth. Enjoy and Please check out the blogs that go with each tutorial they are all super amazing.

First up is this sweet little number is known as the Little Red Infinity Dress; what I love about this dress is the versatility of it. There are so many fun ways you can wear it; also the tutorial is really easy to follow and there are great tips about adapting it to your own size.

The tutorial belongs to the blog, Sew Like My Mom and the author, Melissa has a really great selection of sewing tutorials. I am going to be spending  A LOT of time there this summer! :D Go check the tutorial, you won't be able to resist her other tutorials, be sure to say hi. :)

Next up is this super easy bohemian chic maxi dress. I realize that's a lot of adjectives, but believe me, they all fit! The dress, known as The Soho Maxi Dress, is made of jersey knit fabric {like a t-shirt} and is going to be excellent to wear on the upcoming hot summer days. The tutorial shows the dress long, which in my opinion makes it perfect for chasing my kiddies around, but you can always shorten it! This one belongs to one of the first blogs I started following, Sew Much Ado, which also has some rather amazing tutorials as the author has been sewing since she was very young.
Last but not least is the Maxi Sheet Dress, that is up-cycled from a vintage bed sheet. I mean how incredibly clever is that? I love anything vintage and this dress is just too awesome to pass by. You can get the Mini Maxi Tutorial for free, but the full one costs only $6.00. Not bad considering you only need to spend a couple bucks for the fabric to make it! {I may or may not be headed to a thrift store later on} Running With Scissors is a great blog, I really identify with the author's need for creating, I think I would probably go insane with out. Don't forget to say hi for me when you drop by her spectacular blog! :)

Happy Summer Sewing!

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